10 beauty tips and game changers for beautiful skin

Nothing spoils a woman’s day faster than being greeted by small pimples and red spots in the mirror in the morning.

The face cannot be hidden (in most societies/cultures), which is why our self-image and self-confidence often depends 1:1 on our complexion.

Accordingly, we invest a lot of time and money in its care. It is not for nothing that beauty is one of the largest consumer goods industries in the world.

Skin care is very individual. Nevertheless, in recent years I have discovered a few care formulas and active ingredients that have improved my complexion over the long term – and will certainly have a positive effect on your skin too.

Beauty tips to imitate immediately

  • Nothing, absolutely nothing, helps your complexion more than always always always always cleansing in the morning and in the evening. Even if you don’t wear makeup.

People unconsciously touch their face around 800 times a day. That screams bacterial culture and the resulting impurities.

  • Always take off your cleansing product very thoroughly. This also applies to micellar water – even if it says you don’t have to wash it off. Surfactants (and they are also in micellar water) are drying and irritating and should not be left on the skin.

Personally, as the final cleaning step, I always use a washable make-up removal pad > to remove all residue. Afterwards the skin is really sparkling clean.

  • Pimples? I know it’s itching to just say the stupid thing – please don’t! You should only remove pimples very carefully – if at all – and above all not with your bare fingers or even fingernails. That only made it worse.
  • Treat yourself to high-quality, clean cosmetics without perfume and essential oils. This does not always have to be synonymous with expensive. Often you only pay for the brand name. Good, high-quality basic care is also available cheaply in the drugstore around the corner.
  • Don’t keep trying new things. I know I love beauty subscription boxes and DM hauls as much as any woman. But you’re really doing your skin a favor if you just stick with the same products for a long time. Use up is the motto here.

Gamechanger active ingredients & skin routine

  1. It doesn’t matter what skin type you are: the hard club doesn’t like skin! Reach for gentle cleansing products and mildly formulated cosmetics. And peelings should also be enjoyed in moderation. Anything else only upsets the skin’s balance, has an irritating effect and also boosts sebum production.
  2. Even if the beauty industry would like us to believe that a lot helps a lot is definitely the wrong approach when it comes to skin care.

Active ingredients such as vitamin A, AHA fruit acids or squlan are great, but they don’t always get along with all the others and sometimes backfire if the dose is too high.

So my advice: Use a moisturizing basic care with ceramides and deliberately combine active ingredients in the form of serums. In this way you avoid overdosing and unwanted combinations of active ingredients. You can also use this method to change or replace individual active ingredients in your routine.

  1. Speaking of active ingredients: My absolute game changer is niacinamide! It is super compatible, uncomplicated to use and THE all-purpose weapon for an even, clearer complexion.

Since the active ingredient is currently being super hyped, it feels like it’s mixed in a little bit everywhere. Since it can cause irritation in too high a dose, I always use niacinamide as a serum in my care routine and otherwise pay attention to niacinamide-free cosmetics.

  1. When it comes to anti-aging, there is no getting around sunscreen and retinol. Use that. Both. Retinol, however, well dosed. There are always new trend products and active ingredients around the corner, but these two are the only ones with a scientifically proven effect against the signs of premature skin aging.
  2. Retinol, peelings, moisture and then maybe one or the other special active ingredient against pigment spots or impurities… all of these can be good and sensible steps in your skin routine. But not all at once and every day.

That’s why I’m a fan of the skin cycling concept. With this concept, you alternate the active ingredients in your routine in a fixed daily sequence. This prevents over-stimulation caused by layering of active ingredients and gives the skin fixed “rest periods” for regeneration.

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