7 beautiful beaches in Italy that not everyone knows yet

Would you like to spend the summer in Bella Italia but afraid of the crowds on the beach? We understand that and have therefore researched seven really lonely, beautiful beaches in Italy for you

Beautiful beaches in Italy without the crowds? Yes, there are!

Italy is great, without a doubt. The food, the friendliness of its residents, the climate, the great beaches… But wait, the beaches are only great in the off-season. In the summer months they are one thing above all: full. And it doesn’t really matter where you are on the coast. The simple reason: the endlessly long summer holidays of the locals, which last from around mid-June to mid-September. That’s why the best tip for a relaxed holiday in Italy is actually: go in May or October, when it’s already or still warm. But well, not everyone can always choose when he or she wants to go on vacation. And sometimes the longing for the dolce vita is simply great, even in the summer months. That’s why we’ve selected 7 beautiful beaches in Italy for you that you might not have all to yourself – but almost.

1.Torre Guaceto, Apulia

If you are looking for azure waters and beautiful beaches in Italy, Puglia is the place to be. The best proof? The beaches and coves of Torre Guaceto near the white city of Ostuni. In front of the Adriatic Sea, behind dense forest, through which only a few beaten paths run: In the landscape protection area you can still find real peace – even in midsummer. There are also beach sections with sun loungers and parasols here, but they are repeatedly interrupted by large free beach sections. Some have a soft sandy beach, others small rocks and stones – it’s beautiful everywhere here.

2.Baia di Porto Miggiano, Apulia

The Baia di Porto Miggiano is a beautiful secluded beach in the province of Lecce, more precisely near the town of Cesarea Terme. Although the bay is small, it is great for swimming because the entrance is shallow and the water is super calm. Tip: pack snorkeling equipment, the view is fantastic. If you like, you can also take sturdy shoes and, after sunbathing and swimming, take a short cliff hike to the imposing Torre Miggiano, an ancient tower. Alternatively, you can explore the area by pedal boat from the small port of Porto Miggiano.

3.Spiaggia near Sirolo, Marche

If you are looking for lonely, beautiful beaches in Italy, you have to walk, walk, walk in the high season! This also applies to the dream bays near Sirolo. It’s best to walk north until it gets really lonely. The next paid beach Spiaggia Bonetti is twelve kilometers away, so you can walk for a really long time. Or you rent a SUP or kayak and look for a completely deserted bay that cannot be reached on foot. There are plenty of those in this corner of Italy.

4.Baia degli Infreschi, Campania

If you want to reach the Baia degli Infreschi in Campania, you can rent a boat – or plan a vacation day for the approximately seven-kilometer hike. It’s best to start running as early in the morning as possible so that you don’t get in the midday heat or can spend your well-deserved lunch break swimming. The hike starts in Marina di Camerota. Then it goes, interrupted by a few detours inland, always along the coast. The fantastic view compensates for the sometimes sweaty ascent. Tip: In between, take a short bathing break in one of the two cute bays on the way!

5. Costa Verde, Sardinien

Anyone who has ever been to Sardinia in midsummer knows that it is not usually lonely here. An exception is the Costa Verde in the southwest of the island. Fantastic beaches with impressive sand dunes await you here. Up to 40 meters high, they stretch far inland. The most beautiful and highest dunes in Europe can be found near Ingurtosu, right on the Rio di Piscinas. It’s so lonely here that even turtles lay their eggs. Plus: The beach of Piscinas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

6.Cala di Forno, Tuscany

Are you looking for the most hidden, wildest and most unspoilt beach in all of Tuscany? Then you should stop by the Maremma National Park, more precisely in Cala di Forno. Embedded between Mediterranean macchia bushes, the Cala with its fine sand and the turquoise sea is reminiscent of the Caribbean. You won’t find any loungers, beach umbrellas or beach bars here. There is a lot of nature for that. You park the car at the entrance of the park and then continue on foot. It is about six kilometers to the bay, so wear sturdy shoes!

7. Cala Monte di Luna, Kampanien

Another national park with absolute dream beaches! The Cilento in Campania is the second largest national park in Italy. The inland is hilly and crossed by river valleys, on the coast steep cliffs and sandy beaches alternate. One of the most beautiful coves in the park is Cala Monte di Luna, topped by a mountain and surrounded by sea caves and lush vegetation. The same applies here: the car is parked at the park entrance and the path to the bay is covered on foot.

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