Apple Vision Pro: Is there a cheaper version?

The VR glasses from Apple, which have just been presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), are expected to cost around 4,000 euros (3,500 US dollars) when they go on sale. Nothing small and certainly not suitable for the mass market at this price.

Fans should sit up and take notice that there are first rumors about a second, slightly cheaper version. According to Mark Gurman, Apple expert at Bloomberg, Apple is already working on another version of the VR glasses.

Gurman is sure that Apple will have problems with the high price. The Vision Pro is not for sale at a price of 3,500 US dollars. Whatever the power of its technology is or the enticing features, the device isn’t going achieve its full potential, or create a meaningful potential if it has to be expensive. seven times as much as its main competitor, the Apple expert continued.

Apple’s Vision Pro: The new version is said to be called Vision One and will probably not come before the end of 2025

Even a slimmed-down version of the Vision Pro would probably still cost the equivalent of 2,000 euros. It should be called Vision One. Significantly cheaper, but still not a product at an impulse purchase price. The light version of the VR glasses could come onto the market in late 2025 or early 2026, according to Gurman.

Apple originally planned to wait months after WWDC to announce the price to avoid negative headlines. Eventually, the company decided that if the price discussion were not announced at the event, it would eclipse the actual product.

Fans now have nine months to digest the hefty price tag and put money aside before Apple’s Vision Pro goes on sale.

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