Beats Studio Pro: Notes on New Over-Ear Headphones

A mixture of style and good sound quality: This is what the headphones from the Beats brand, which was taken over by Apple in 2014, stand for. Particularly popular: the Beats Studio 3 Wireless with active noise cancellation. But the over-ear headphones are now a bit old, because they were released in 2017 six years ago. High time for something new – and the chances are good. The editors of have been informed of the beta version of iOS 16.5. After that, more details came to light.

Four different color variants

The code should also reveal technical details. Accordingly, the Beats Studio Pro comes with improved active noise cancellation and a transparency mode that allows environmental noise to reach your ears. The headphones should also offer spatial audio, i.e. a spatial sound experience. The designer Samuel Ross, who has worked for Beats in the past, is probably also involved in the development.

Also, the leaked images reveal the color variants. As the subheading suggests, the Beats Studio Pro will be available in four different colors: black, white, dark blue and brown.

Lots of unanswered questions

However, the information should still be viewed with caution. Neither Apple nor Beats have commented on the new headphones. Because of this, a release period and a price are still uncertain. It is yet to be determined if the Beats Studio Pro will replace the Beats Studio 3 Wireless or if it will function as a high-end alternative.

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