ChatGPT now available as a free mobile application!

As the US company OpenAI announced on its in-house portal last weekend, the first mobile application with “OpenAI ChatGPT” has now been published in the Apple App Store. The AI-Bot is initially free of charge to a limited extent.

  • OpenAI publishes ChatGPT in the Apple App Store for the iPhone
  • The mobile application necessitates iOS 16.1 or a newer version.
  • The application has a size of 42.2 megabytes and is available for free.
  • ChatGPT Plus costs $19.99 per month

ChatGPT for the time being only for the Apple iPhone

In recent days and weeks, there has been a significant surge in interest surrounding AI bots. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “TruthGPT”, “Google Bard” or OpenAI with “ChatGPT” – the development of artificial intelligence (AI) has ignited. While some are already stoking an apocalyptic mood, others can’t go fast enough in development.

ChatGPT developer Sam Altman warns of the risks and asks for government control. Last weekend, the US company released the first mobile application featuring “OpenAI ChatGPT” for free download on the Apple App Store.

While the AI-powered chatbot is already accessible as a desktop application in version 4.0 in the USA, the mobile version is currently only available in the USA and only for iOS from version 16.1, is a premiere in the constant race. Like the company announced, however, that an implementation for Android is already in progress and an “imminent” release is planned. Other countries are also to follow shortly.

The mobile iOS application works across platforms, so a chat can be started on the Apple iPhone and later continued on the desktop browser. Another benefit of the ChatGPT mobile app is the inclusion of “Whisper,” an open-source neural speech recognition software built on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised data.

ChatGPT for iOS is basically free, but requires a monthly subscription of $19.99 for the “ChatGPT Plus” version. According to the first information, the Plus version offers functions of ChatGPT 4.0. Even those who want to use messages on a larger scale will probably have to pay.Additionally, Plus subscribers will receive early access to features and enjoy faster response times.

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