Free for a short time: These Android & iOS apps are currently free

Just before Google I/O 2023 is the right time for a little app inventory, right? It may turn out that you urgently need new apps or mobile games for Android . And of course: In our article with free applications and games you will also find downloads for the iPhone.

As always: Yes, the offers are only valid for a short time, so you should actually click Download everywhere instead of reading long introductions here. And no, we didn’t install the apps ourselves this time either. That means you should be wary of what you’re shoveling onto your phone yourself. Let us know if you stumble across an application that is already subject to a fee.

Tip: Even if the space on your smartphone is running out and you don’t need an app at the moment: Download it anyway if you’re interested. Because the app will move to your library. This also applies if said app is chargeable again. After downloading, you can click it directly from the device and reinstall it at any time free of charge.

Android Apps Available for Free for a Limited Time on the Google Play Store

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

Android games

  • Warriors Market Mayhem (€0.99): A dragon has awakened in the kingdom and you as a warrior need the best possible weapons to defeat everyone who stands in your way. Are you up to the task?
  • Cooking Quest VIP (€0.99): Your job is to cook the best possible food in town and make sure everyone can enjoy your cooking skills!
  • Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword ($0.99): Who knew a stickman could have so much charm? Use it to move around and mow down enemies with progressively better weapons.
  • Dungeon Princess: RPG (€0.99): The story is quite boring but the game is really fun! The ladies explore a dungeon and eliminate everything that gets in their way.
  • Super Hero War Premium (€0.99): Remember Voltron and similar stories where people wear robot suits? This game is similar: you try to fight your way through.
  • Grow Dungeon Hero VIP (€1.99): Explore dungeons and kill monsters, gain experience and get better and better equipment.
  • Galaxy Attack (€0.99): A top-down shooter set in space where you shoot down enemy planes to save the galaxy.
  • Mystic Guardian PV (€3.49): A classic story-driven RPG in which you must train your team and ensure they are up to the task.

iOS apps that are free on the Apple AppStore for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

iOS games

  • Asteroid Apocalypse (€0.99): Asteroids are about to rain down on the earth and it’s up to you to blast them to pieces.
  • Invasive Horde (€0.99): The king has commissioned you to protect the kingdom from an invading horde. Do you think you can do this?
  • Monster Stunts (€1.99): Monster trucks performing stunts? That sounds exciting enough to give the game a try, doesn’t it?
  • AirAttack 2 (€0.99): An awesome looking shoot ’em up that keeps you on your toes while dodging incoming missiles and doing your best.
  • Math Chompers (€0.99): Want your little ones to get good at math? Maybe this game can teach your kids the basics in a fun way…

So thats it! We hope that there was something in our app list that finds a new home on your mobile phone. By the way, if you are looking for online games to satisfy your gaming hunger without needing an internet connection, take a look at our linked article.

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