Google Activates “Battery Health Checker” in Android 14

There is no doubt that Android has unique advantages over iOS. But there are also important features that are still missing or simply could not be implemented compared to the mobile operating system from Cupertino. One of them is the so-called “Battery Health Checker” for the iPhone, which was introduced many years ago. Apparently, Google could integrate the same feature into the upcoming Android 14 OS. Time for it would always be.

There is new evidence that with the final version of Android 14, Google will activate a special battery checker for Android phones and Android tablets. According to developer Mishaal Rahman, the developers from Mountain View have integrated several system and public APIs (Application Programming Interface) into the current beta version of Android 14.

Battery Health Checker
Battery Health Checker

The functions of programming interfaces currently include extensive reports on the status of the system, such as: B. the date of manufacture of the device and the state of load. In addition, there is a percentage battery status or an iOS-like feature that provides users with information about the actual residual capacity of the power cell directly in the system.

The developer has already shown a screenshot of the service called “Batt”, which uses the new resources. The third-party app displays details such as percentage battery status, charging cycle and manufacturing date. All this information may also appear in the System View when Google introduces the feature in Android 14. Ultimately, however, it will probably depend on the manufacturers how these battery data will be integrated into your devices. To what extent the OEMs could be interested in this, you can suggest in the comments!

Google has already provided a preview of Android 14 at its own I/O 2023 developer conference. Apple today launches WWDC 2023! The current build is still in the beta 2.1, the stable version is expected to be released in a few months and the final version will appear in the fall, probably first on the Google Pixel phones.

Source Twitter/u/MishaalRahman

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