Google Pixel Watch 2 comes alongside the Pixel 8 duo

According to two separate sources, Google is reportedly planning to unveil the Google Pixel Watch 2 alongside the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphone in the fall. Apparently it shouldn’t stay that way. Because a “Kids Edition” of a smart watch should also appear. Here probably more under the flag of the subsidiary Fitbit.

Google Pixel Watch 2 already in autumn?

According to the sources from 9 to 5 Google and the self-proclaimed analyst Jon Prosser, Mountain View will not only officially present the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in the fall, but also a successor to the Google Pixel Watch. The smartwatch, which will probably appear as Google Pixel Watch 2, should not appear alone. Mountain View also thinks of our children! Because a “Kids Edition” of a smartwatch should also be planned. This will probably appear in stores under the Google subsidiary Fitbit.

Aside from the rumored launch date, no information is available about the Google Pixel Watch 2. It is unlikely that there will be any design changes so soon after the release of the first Google smartwatch. Although the wide display edges urgently need a revision.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 needs to make up ground compared to its competitors.

Google could also move closer to the general state of the art by converting the long outdated Samsung Exynos 9110 into a modern processor. This would not only benefit the performance, but also extend the battery life, which is also not one of the best according to the Google Pixel Watch test. Stefan reports here that the battery charges one or two times a day.

The existing “FitPit” technology will certainly also be used, such as the built-in cEDA sensor for stress measurement in the Fitbit Sense 2. There is also a lot to improve on Google’s WearOS. When I think of manufacturers like Mobvoi, who are still waiting for an update for the TicWatch Pro Ultra, I get scared and anxious. The Mobvoi TicWatch 4 will probably only be delivered with Google WearOS 3.X.

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