Google releases Android 14 Beta 2 with plenty of new features

In addition to the announcement of the Google Pixel 7a (test), the Google Pixel Fold as the first Google foldable and the Google Pixel Tablet at Google I/O 2023, the Mountain View company has also released Android 14 Beta 2 for supported Pixel devices and new functions for the mobile operating system were officially presented. At the same time, it has expanded the software beta program for other manufacturers who can now also test it on their smartphones. Some of the companies encompassed within this group are OnePlus, Nothing, Xiaomi, and Oppo, among several others.

  • Google has released Android 14 Beta 2 for its Pixel phones.
  • The Android 14 beta program is now reaching out to more Android manufacturers.
  • Google has made many new features and changes to Android 14.

Android 14 Beta 2 for Pixel phones

While the initial beta release of Android 14 for Pixel smartphones introduced several exciting new features, it was also plagued by numerous complications and firmware bugs.Google was able to fix some of the problems with an emergency update of Beta 1.1.

This initiative continues with Android 14 Beta 2, which is currently rolling out to Pixel phones. The latest update should not only fix the last pesky issues from the first beta, but also add some user-visible features and changes.

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Predictive back gesture, overhauled settings and more

One of the standout enhancements in Beta 2 is the addition of the predictive backward gesture.Previously, this feature could only be seen in the system and in the official apps. Now developers can enable the gesture in their apps and apply the necessary animations to it.

As for other animations, the background image and style effects have been updated. There’s also now a feature to toggle the font size in the quick menu, and long-pressing an app on the home screen gives you streamlined information and options.

Pixel users participating in the beta program should note that the keyboard section is now separate from languages and input. In the settings you will find that the language and keyboard are now displayed individually.

Ultra HDR, better graphics, lossless audio USB formats

In addition to Beta 2, Android 14 has also received new features in general. There is support for 10-bit HDR images, called Ultra HDR. Compatible camera hardware is required to enable this format. In addition, users can expect better low-light photos in Android 14. The camera enhancements such as focus and processing time have also been improved.

Google also attaches importance to the additional graphics functions in its next mobile operating system. It now uses the capabilities of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) hardware. In the audio section, lossless audio formats for wired USB headsets are supported. Finally, the “Health Connect” app will be preinstalled with Android 14, while data security will be more visible to users.

When can you download the Android 14 beta?

Android 14 Beta 2 is already available and can be downloaded and installed via OTA (over the air) updates for Google Pixel phones already running Beta 1. Devices compatible with it include the Pixel 4a and earlier models like the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro (review).

For non-Pixel phones, it depends on your manufacturer when they launch their Android 14 beta program. OnePlus, for example, has already opened its beta for the OnePlus 11 (test). You can find the details on how to install and download Android 14 on each model and the corresponding warnings in the community forum.

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