Google’s AI-based “Magic Editor” tool has Photoshop-like functionality

Over the years, the Google Photos app on Android has received a handful of editing features. Some of these are even based on the device’s AI capabilities, such as B. the “Magic Eraser”. Google is now adding a far more powerful tool called “Magic Editor” to its Gallery app, so I guess you can say goodbye to Photoshop.

  • Google has announced the “Magic Editor” for “Google Photos”.
  • The editing tool uses artificial intelligence to change the size and position of subjects in photos.
  • Google will roll out the “Magic Editor” to selected Pixel phones over the course of the year.

Google’s Enchanting and Magic Editor

If you want to remove unwanted content from your photos or just want to improve blurry shots, you can already do that directly in “Google Photos” without having to leave the app. But what if you want to move subjects or quickly edit a specific area of your photo? Google will make this possible in the future with the “Magic Editor”.

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Remove themes in “Google Photos”.

Google says that the new AI-based tool offers users extensive and advanced control options, such as B. resizing and moving subjects within the photo. Marking a specific area is also supported. For example, you can only select the sky and delete parts of the clouds while only enhancing the color of the clouds.

More importantly, not only objects in the background can now be deleted, but also objects within the subject. The function can also recreate objects, as shown in the example photo of a stretched bench. The missing areas of the balloon are also filled with artificial magic intelligence.

When can you test Google’s “Magic Editor” for the first time?

According to Mountain View, the “Magic Editor” is still in the experimental phase. However, it is planned to introduce it in “Google Photos” later this year (2023) for selected Pixel models. This tool is likely to be officially launched with the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which are expected in October along with the Google Pixel Watch 2.

Samsung has recently introduced its own AI-driven tool named “Image Clipper” for compatible Galaxy smartphones, joining the ranks of Google’s existing offerings.The “Image Clipper” copies Apple’s “Lift and Drop” in iOS 16, which allows you to isolate a subject and make the background transparent.

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