Huawei presented a selection of new products at a launch event in Munich on Tuesday, May 9th. In addition to the new MateBook 16s and the Watch 4, these included two top smartphones. On the one hand with the P60 Pro the latest model from the P series, on the other hand the Foldable Mate X3. IMTEST summarizes what makes the two new smartphones special and provides information on prices and availability.

The Huawei P60 Pro immediately catches the eye with the industry’s first pearl textured design on the back. For this design, Huawei uses natural mineral pearl powder, which creates the shimmering effect and makes each model aesthetically unique. But the new top smartphone is not only available in the color variant “Rococo Pearl”, there is also the classic color black with a soft, crystalline surface.

To protect against falls, Huawei has given the new P60 Pro a special display. Thus, the resistance with the exclusive Kunlun Glass has been improved and the drop resistance of the glass has been increased tenfold. The display itself has only slightly rounded corners, so that the field of view is expanded and the display is even more intense.

Huawei P60 Pro: new camera placement

Huawei smartphones are best known for their camera performance. In the P60 Pro, the manufacturer has placed the main camera in the middle of the lens module, while super-telephoto and super-wide-angle lenses sit above and below. The Ultra Lighting main camera has an automatically adjustable physical aperture from F1.4 to 4.0. This enables detailed and true-color photographs even at night.

In addition, the P60 Pro has a Super Moon mode, which should make it possible to take pictures of the celestial body itself and surrounding objects. With the tele macro, impressive close-ups should also be able to be taken without any problems. According to Huawei, these specifications make the smartphone ideal for professional photographers.

Since yesterday you can order the Huawei P60 Pro. From May 22nd it will be available in stores, in the Huawei online store. For the variant with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage space, Huawei charges RM 4699.00., the version with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage space is available for 1.399 Euro.


Huawei Mate X3: Slim and light

In contrast to the previous model, the Huawei Mate Xs 2, the Mate X3 impresses with a weight of just 239 grams. With a thickness of 11.08 millimeters when folded and 5.3 millimeters when unfolded, the new foldable from Huawei is currently the slimmest and lightest foldable smartphone in the world. For a yet comfortable and secure grip, the Mate X3 features a rounded, hand-friendly quad-curve body.

Huawei has not skimped on the camera performance with this smartphone either. The 50 megapixel Ultra Vision XMAGE RYYB main camera as well as the 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera and 12 megapixel RYYB telephoto camera ensure impressive pictures. The Flex-Stop photography mode is also special, with which users can take stable long-exposure pictures with up to five times optical zoom even without a tripod.

The Mate X3 has both a 6.4-inch 3D OLED exterior display and a 7.85-inch foldable OLED interior display. Huawei is said to have attached importance to an intelligent, light-sensitive display, which enables a consistently high-quality viewing experience even in unfavorable lighting conditions. Users do not have to worry about accidental dives, Huawei states a water resistance according to IPX8.

Huawei has equipped the Mate X3 with a Snapdragon 8+ processor, 12 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage space. The storage space can be expanded by a further 256 gigabytes. In contrast to the P60 Pro, the Mate X3 is available right from the start on May 9th and costs 2,199 euros. You can buy the foldable online, in stores or in the Huawei flagship store.

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