Is it possible for someone to hack your phone by sending you a text message?

In the digital age, there’s an old saying that goes “There are only two types of people on the internet, one who knows they are hacked and others who don’t.” A lot of cybersecurity experts are in agreement with this, which causes a lot of worry to a lot of internet users. What, then, Is it possible for someone to hack your phone by sending you a text message? or a call?

In the past, you might have read about hackers hacking the phone of a person using text messages. Today, a lot of people receive unwanted messages via iMessage and WhatsApp from unknown individuals. This is why it’s the most frequently asked question of users: “Can someone hack my phone by texting me?”

Well! The response to this question is “YES.” It is possible to hack phones by using texts. But there’s a caveat. Your phone will not be compromised simply by opening a text. But, malicious methods can be employed to hack your phone. This article will discuss the ways your smartphone could be compromised and strategies to guard against hackers.

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Can Someone Hack Your Phone Through Text?

While tech companies such as Apple and Google strive to ensure your phone’s security but hackers always find an opportunity to get over them. They usually attempt to steal your personal information from your phone so they can then use the information to hurt you even more. Here are some methods hackers can snoop on your phone with text messages whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone.

Social Engineering

This is the most well-known and a sinful method. Famous celebrities (like Jeff Bezos) have also fallen victim to this. Cybercriminals message you via text and earn your trust by pretending that they’re your friend. They then manipulate you into revealing personal information. They then make use of the same information to intimidate or abuse you.

For instance,

  • The hacker pretends to pretend to be a bank employee by sending an SMS.
  • They will then build trust with you by providing the most basic information about you that is public domain.
  • Then, they’ll inform you that there is a problems that is affecting your bank account and how to correct it, you’ll need to install a support application. This is a remote connectivity application.
  • In the fear You believe in the person and the app by sharing the link shared.
  • Following that, they’ll request access to the application on your smartphone to allow them to fix the issue remotely.
  • Then, they’ll require you to open the banking application and sign in using your username and password.
  • If you commit this error the phone will be unresponsive. your phone.

Safety Tips

  • Avoid talking to people who look suspicious via chat, messaging or via phone calls.
  • Don’t share your login credentials with anyone.
  • Don’t provide your login credentials when someone remotely connects to your phone.
  • Don’t divulge your personal details with untrusted and fake-looking websites. For example, websites that claim to provide no cost cash, or $1,000 Amazon Gift Cards only for $20.

Phishing Emails and Texts

Criminals have sent out phishing emails and text messages for a long time. They send legitimate-looking SMS and emails however, clicking on the hyperlink or link in it will take you to a fake website. When you click in the email or click the link within your message, you will be shown an online form where you can enter your credit number, bank information or password. When you click on submit, you accidentally divulge your financial data. What’s even more troubling is that you may not be aware of the details of what you’ve done.

Safety Tips

  • Always make use of the filter within your email program to remove junk, spam and potentially harmful emails.
  • Don’t click on any suspicious URL. First, check their security with tools such as Google URL checker.


One of the most common methods hackers are able to hack your phone is via Keyloggers. These apps can also be called keystrokes. They track every word you enter on your keyboard, and then send the text to hackers. It’s scary, isn’t it?

In the beginning, anyone with access to the device or computer can install a keylogger, and cover it up in the background without revealing it to you. Then, they’ll invite you to sign into your social media or bank account. Then, you’ll begin typing with no knowledge. Keyloggers will run in the background, and your strokes will be transmitted to them. This is how they can access your phone using your assistance.

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Safety Tips

  • Don’t share your phone with someone who you aren’t confident in.
  • Make sure you only use trusted or default third-party keyboard applications such as Gboard as well as Microsoft Swiftkey.
  • If you believe your data has been compromised, speak with cybersecurity specialists and hackers who are ethical.


Spywares are malware applications which monitor your phone. It tracks all activity and gathers data from your phone while in sleep mode. It is able to hack everything, including the microphone, camera applications, calls, texts, search history and more.

It’s similar to the game of hide-and-seek however, the malware monitors your every move and is not often detected.

Primarily, spyware installs on your phone whenever you:

  • Click on unidentified links in text messages that look suspicious.
  • Click or tap on the email that is spamming you.
  • Install cracked or modified applications or games to your phone.
  • Click on the shady pop-up advertisements on unsecure websites.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure you are using a complete protection or anti-virus software such as Bitdefender, ESET, McAfee, Norton, or Avast.
  • Don’t click on untrusted links.
  • Download games and apps from the App Store as well as Play Store.
  • Always visit safe websites.

Using Free Wi-Fi

Searching for Free Wi-Fi in places like restaurants and cafes is normal. However, it is also the place where cybercriminals are searching for you. They build free Wi-Fi networks that bear their name, based on the café you go to. They allow you to connect network in trust, however they steal your mobile.

This way your phone’s data is compromised and your phone can be accessed. It is therefore recommended to be careful when connecting to the public network.

Safety Tips

  • Beware of free Wi-Fi networks that are available to the public. Instead, make use of your hotspots, or seek assistance from your buddies.
  • Always confirm their Wi-Fi connection by talking to waiters or staff members in cafes and restaurants.
  • Utilize VPN application to protect your online activities.

Can You Get Hacked By Replying To A Text?

The act of responding to a text may seem like a safe option to anyone, but it’s not. If someone is engaged in social engineering, you could get personal with them. In this instance they can manipulate you into providing your bank account details or your social media accounts, as well as convincing you install their malicious application. Therefore, do not give your login details to anyone who isn’t trusted to protect yourself.

Can Someone Hack My Phone By Calling Me?

If you are unsure about a person and are not comfortable sharing your private information on phone, and then ask yourself if this could occur.

Advanced spyware, such as Pegasus can snoop on your phone to call you.

An Israeli cyber-intelligence firm created Pegasus named NSO Group. This malware primarily exploits zero-day security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, iOS & Android developers and security experts haven’t yet identified these vulnerabilities. So, your phone could be compromised by a plain WhatsApp text or call. Pegasus was originally sold to security and government agencies to monitor criminals and terrorists. However, now it is being used by some government agencies.

Pegasus is also extremely dangerous due to the fact that it leaves no or very little evidence behind. You don’t know if your phone has been tapped or even hacked. It can also serve as an external camera or microphone for an criminals, who may make use of it to carry out mala fide and criminal purposes.

Safety Tips

There are very few possibilities that someone will call your phone by making a call. Additionally, Pegasus is very costly and is only sold to government and federal agencies. It is possible to be a victim if you’re famous or a politician; in such a situation, we advise you to utilize high-security devices, such as iPhones. It is possible to seek assistance from cyber security agencies and cell phones if suspect any cyberattacks.

Can Someone Track My Phone By Texting Me?

Anyone can trace the location of your phone through text messages. This is usually done via:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Spywares
  • Modified or cracked apps

The attacker can send an email that contains a link. They can then influence the user to click. When you click on that link, the malware is downloaded onto your phone. Following that, the user is able to access your location, but without access to your phone.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to:

  • Never click on an unknown or dangerous link.
  • Only install authorized applications and games on Play Store as well as the App Store in place of other websites.
  • Always shut off your GPS when you’re not using it.
  • Be wary of strangers who appear in chat or in messaging.


In this way, this article outlined how cybercriminals could steal your phone’s information using text as well as other methods. We also talked about ways to stay clear of this. Phone makers and OS providers such as Apple & Google keep improving their software to address security bugs and vulnerabilities. So, it is recommended to upgrade all your applications as well as operating system to the most recent version to be able to use the latest security updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does opening a text message be dangerous?

You can read and open an SMS message, not to be concerned about. Be careful not to click on a link or image when you’re not sure if that it’s coming from a reliable source. It may download and run the malware.

Does anyone have the ability to get my phone by texting me via WhatsApp?

It’s not possible for someone to hack your phone using text messages through WhatsApp. But, attackers could use social engineering to lure you into clicking on hyperlinks. They also can fool you into divulging your private information. So, avoid engaging them at all costs. Don’t share sensitive data or information in verbal or text form with them.

Is it possible to steal my phone’s information by sending me a picture?

Sure, they do; hackers employ this method to accomplish this:

  • The hackers begin by writing malicious code.
  • Then they add it to any eye-catching jpg or gif image.
  • Then, they will transmit the photo to you.
  • The malicious code is running in the background whenever you download or open the image.
  • It’s possible to get a glimpse of, for instance an animal However, your phone is currently hacked.

How long will it take to hack into a phone the call?

It might take longer if a person tries to trick you via an unintentional phone call however, no one is able to determine the exact duration. The program could do the same thing in just a few minutes.

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