Netflix makes tough decision to end service after 25 years

Netflix is probably known to most of us as a streaming service for countless films and series. In fact, however, the company started a different service a quarter of a century ago. But this will soon be discontinued because it is simply no longer worthwhile for Netflix.

Netflix stops shipping DVDs

Netflix has been offering streaming to its subscribers since 2007 – back then the repertoire consisted of a ridiculous 1,000 series and films from today’s perspective. In 2014, the VoD service was also launched in Germany – today Netflix is one of the largest streaming providers in the world.

But before Netflix got into the streaming business, the company did business in a completely different way — shipping movie DVDs. The group started with this idea in 1997 and was able to gradually win more and more subscribers.

After 25 years, however, Netflix has now decided to turn its back on its original business idea and finally stop shipping DVDs – according to an official statement on the Netflix homepage:

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