OnePlus 12: It’s time for a periscope camera with extended zoom

There have been many rumors that OnePlus is testing the idea of a periscope camera in its upcoming Android smartphone. Unfortunately, this idea has not yet been implemented in this year’s OnePlus 11. Instead, there was “only” the usual triple camera module.According to the latest reports, it is now being stated that OnePlus’ upcoming flagship smartphone, likely to be called the OnePlus 12, will incorporate an optical periscope system equipped with enhanced zoom features.Similar to those of the Oppo Find 6 Pro, which was not sold in this country.

  • OnePlus is rumored to be testing a periscope camera in its next flagship.
  • The new camera component could debut in the OnePlus 12.
  • Realme is also said to be introducing a periscope camera in an upcoming smartphone.

First OnePlus camera phone with periscope camera

A periscope camera was already suspected in the OnePlus 11 – which we were allowed to test extensively despite the lack of availability. But OnePlus is still one of the few Android manufacturers who have not implemented a lossless zoom in higher magnification levels based on such a technology in their camera smartphones. That could change next year, however, as a new rumor sheds light on the development of said component.

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On the Chinese platform Sina Weibo, the trusted tipster Digital Chat Station claimed that OnePlus is planning to use the periscope camera in its upcoming Android smartphone. He added that the brand is already testing the camera in an unnamed device powered by the SM8650 chipset, also known as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which is set to be unveiled in late 2023.

The device is most likely the OnePlus 12, or even the OnePlus 12 Pro if the company wants to reintroduce the Pro range. Maybe after the withdrawal from Europe you will have new capacities again. Although OnePlus has confirmed that it will announce a OnePlus foldable smartphone later this year, it’s safe to assume that this foldable will come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and not the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

OnePlus 12 should share specs with the Oppo Find X6 Pro

It was mentioned that OnePlus is not the only BBK subsidiary that will launch a camera smartphone with a periscope camera. According to the report, Realme is also testing a phone equipped with the same premium Qualcomm processor. The camera in question will probably be used in the Realme GT 4, the successor to the Realme GT 3 we tested, which will probably be launched next year.

The specifications of this periscope camera have not been explained in detail. But in the case of the OnePlus 12, it could share the 50MP periscope telephoto camera (2.8x optical zoom) with the Oppo Find X6 Pro, as the two brands generally work very closely together, as seen in the past on the ” shared” Hasselblad logo.

Source Weibo

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