OpenAI CEO Announced Potential EU Exit Due to Regulatory Concerns

OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, might leave EU if it doesn’t comply EU-regulated AI standards. OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman unveiled the capability at an event in London. The EU is currently drafting the first comprehensive design guidelines. Under the project’s guidelines, companies using generative AI tools like ChatGPT must disclose all copyrighted material used in the development of their systems.

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Altman acknowledges that the current version of EU AI legislation may be overly regulatory. However, he expressed hope that the revision of rules will be simplified as suggested by industry experts. OpenAI intends to make every effort to comply with the Terms upon completion. Altman highlighted the need for a change in the definition of general-purpose AI systems, which includes AI models like ChatGPT, which have a variety of applications and are backed by tech giants like Microsoft.

Earlier this month, the AI bill reached consensus among EU parliamentarians. The next step is to engage with Parliament, Council and Commission members to agree on the final details of the bill. Altman emphasized that there is still room for improvement and suggested several policy changes to strike a better balance.

OpenAI’s pioneering AI technologies have gained widespread recognition and their potential impact on facilitating AI research, development and accessibility in Europe. While the company hopes to secure favorable proposals with the EU, its willingness to explore other options reflects challenges with the changing legal landscape.

Source Yahoo News

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