Redmi Watch 3 Youth Edition from Xiaomi: If it should be cheaper again!

At the turn of the year, Xiaomi also made the Redmi Watch 3 available for European retail shelves from 99 euros. Now the company has presented an even cheaper smartwatch in its home country with the Redmi Watch 3 in the Youth Edition, which visually hardly differs from the basic watch. But there are not only differences in the price, which is only 50 euros

  • Xiaomi introduces the Redmi Watch 3 Youth Edition in China
  • The smartwatch is sold in China for 399 yuan (about 50 euros).
  • 12 days running time, there is still a heart rate and SpO2 sensor

Xiaomi introduces the Redmi Watch 3 Youth Edition

Woman holding in hand fitness smartwatch for running with optical heart rate monitor sensor on back side. Modern technology for sport and monitoring heart rate on wrist.

Together with the Redmi Note 12 Turbo (smartphone), Xiaomi presented the very, very inexpensive smartwatch yesterday, which is called Redmi Watch 3 Youth Edition. The Chinese manufacturer wants its potential customers to pay just 399 yuan for the watch, which is available in Deep Space Black and Twilight Gray. That’s the equivalent of just 50 euros. Visually, there are hardly any differences to the Redmi Watch 3, which costs almost 100 euros and is also available in Germany.

But instead of an OLED display, there is a 1.83-inch IPS panel with over 200 different watch faces (dial faces). The brightness is then “only” 450 nits for the most inexpensive smartwatch, at which the watch should still get by with a full battery capacity for a proud 12 days without another charge.

The Redmi Watch 3 Youth Edition has been tested to 5 ATM against water ingress and has a heart rate and SpO2 sensor to determine the oxygen content in the blood. The smart Xiaomi watch can be connected to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth 5.3, so that you can also take and make phone calls. For sports activities you have over 100 sports modes to choose from. However, there is no GPS tracking.

I suspect that the Redmi Watch 3 Youth Edition from Xiaomi, like the Redmi Watch 2 Lite we tested, will be launched as the Redmi Watch 3 Lite. Of course, we would then report and test again if necessary.

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