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Shahzada Dawood is a prominent Pakistani businessman as well as a prominent persona within the UK. Dawood is British-Pakistani and is a member of the Muslim group. His contribution to the industry have brought his immense respect and admiration as well as recognition in Pakistan as well as in the UK. We will look over the story of Shahzada Dawood to gain a more thorough understanding of what happened to him and his son in the Titanic submerged tragedy.

What happened to Shahzada Dawood?

Pakistani billionaire Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood were on board the Titanic submarine which disappeared in the early morning of the 18th June 2023, while looking for the remains of the Titanic within the North Atlantic Ocean. 1

Evidently, Shahzada and Suleman were in the small underwater vessel that was bringing paying tourists to the wreckage that was buried 12,500 feet. However, they were unable to contact them within the Atlantic Ocean, 640 kilometers offshore from Newfoundland, Canada.[2]

This announcement has shocked everyone stunned and in disbelief. The vessel for tourists, owned through OceanGate Expeditions, began its descent on Sunday, but it the vessel lost contact after two hours.

It is believed that the Dawood family, considered to be one of the wealthiest families in Pakistan is linked with Britain. UK. [3ThreeShahzada is married to Christine as an instructor of life, son Suleman and daughter Alina. The tragic incident is putting the Dawood family and the people they love in deep sorrow, and the entire world keeps them in its prayers and thoughts.

Shahzada Dawood Biography

Pakistani commercialist Shahzada Dawood was born on 18 June 1975 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Dawood is Vice-Chairman of Engro Corporation and Director of Dawood Hercules. The company has received a lot of recognition in the field of business and has reached many landmarks during his time in the business world.

Shahzada has proven himself to be a successful businessman within the UK as well as other markets around the world. He played a major part in the development and development of Engro Corporation and Dawood Group. They have a broad portfolio of products that include petrochemicals food products, fertilizers and more.

Shahzada Dawood Age

At the time of writing, Shahzada Dawood is 48 years old. Dawood was born on 18 June 1975. That is an Gemini in accordance with the zodiac sign of his. His birthday is celebrated every year on the exact date.


Shahzada is a highly educated background. He earned an MS in Global Textile Marketing from Philadelphia University. He also has an LLB qualification in law from Buckingham University.

Social Media Handle

Shahzada is a regular Social media user. His LinkedIn handle is @shahzadadawood. His followers are regularly updated regarding his work as well as social occasions and private life.

Weight, Height and Physical Statistics

Shahzada is a charismatic persona and a stunning physical appearance. Shahzada stands at a height of 5’10 inches and weighs in at 75kg. He is fit and well-balanced body, and is healthy with regular workouts and healthy eating habits.

Shahzada Dawood Family

He’s from a renowned family from Pakistan. The father of his son, Hussain Dawood is an eminent businessman across the nation and is the president of the Dawood Group. Shahzada Dawood’s family has an extensive history of entrepreneurialism and has been a major contributor in the growth of the economy of Pakistan.

What is the spouse of Shahzada Dawood?

He is tied with Christine Dawood. Christine is a loving partner and has been at with him throughout his entire journey. They have two sons, one known as Suleman Dawood, and an infant daughter whose name is Alina Dawood.

Shahzada Dawood Son

Suleman Dawood is the son of Shahzada Dawood and a big lover of all things science fiction. The young man was born in the year 2004 and is now at the age of 19. He’s an accomplished young man with a bright future before his.

Shahzada Dawood Daughter

There is a daughter called Alina Dawood.


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