Talk to your computer: Nvidia CEO says after AI every person is programming

As the benefits on AI technology becomes more widespread, the benefits of (AI) technology becomes more widespread and people from all disciplines benefitting from this technology, Jensen Huang, CEO of the semiconductor firm Nvidia stated that anyone can become a computer programmer with assistance of this breakthrough.

The company has grown to become the most valuable major provider of chips and computer technology for AI.

The company predicted the second quarter’s revenue last week over 50% higher than Wall Street estimations. The company said it was increasing its supply to meet growing market demand. AI chips which drive ChatGPT and a host of other similar services.

In a speech during speaking at the Computex conference in Taipei in Taiwan, she said AI was a driving force in the way to a new era in computing.

The president stated in a speech that there is no doubt that we are experiencing a new era of computing.

Huang – born in Taiwan prior to his family’s move to the US and stated: “Every single computing era you could do different things that weren’t possible before, and artificial intelligence certainly qualifies.”

Huang said saying that “the programming barrier is incredibly low. We have closed the digital divide. Everyone is a programmer now — you just have to say something to the computer.”

Huang stated that the remarkable speed at which progress is being made, facilitated by its user-friendly nature, is the driving force behind its rapid growth. He expressed his belief that this advancement will have an impact on every single industry.

Tech giants and companies like Microsoft utilized Nvidia’s chips in order to include chat functions that resemble human beings in their engines, such as Bing.

Huang showed the capabilities AI could do, for example the ability to program a computer to compose a brief pop tune that praised Nvidia using just the smallest of words.

He presented a range of innovative applications, including a collaboration with the world’s biggest advertising company WPP to create generative AI-powered content to use in digital advertising.

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