The best digital cameras under 100$ Dollar

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Canon’s entry-level model Powershot A495 only satisfies users who are looking for the cheapest possible camera with the right image quality. The Canon Powershot A495 worked with a very uneven resolution and produced significant image noise. The camera is easy to use and easy on the wallet.

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Visually, the Casio Exilim EX-Z90 is a hit. As far as image quality is concerned, however, the price of the digital camera makes itself felt: we noticed uneven resolution and output dynamics that were a bit too low. But the noise behavior was okay. And you shouldn’t expect more equipment for around 90 euros.

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The Fujifilm Finepix J30 is perfect as a snapshot camera. It is very compact, worked quickly and took good pictures. The only major point of criticism was the slightly too low input dynamics. But you can’t ask for more for the price.

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The Kodak M341 showed that it doesn’t need to hide behind its more expensive colleagues in terms of noise behavior and dynamic range. However, points were deducted for their very low resolution, and the handling can also be partially optimized.

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The image quality of the Kodak M530 could not convince us. Above all, the image noise and the resolution with a short focal length gave cause for criticism. The high dynamic range ensures high-contrast images.

The best digital cameras under 100$ Dollar
The best digital cameras under 100$ Dollar

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The Pentax Optio H90 performed satisfactorily in the image quality tests. Since it is more in the entry-level segment due to its price, you can only expect the most important manual setting options when it comes to equipment. The camera offers a number of functions for post-processing images.

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The Rollei camera leaves a mixed impression. On the one hand, we were impressed by the image quality in terms of noise and input dynamics. The output dynamics and the resolution, on the other hand, were too low. We experienced something similar with the equipment, because the second battery and the 30mm focal length are great. However, the manual options and shutter lag left a lot to be desired.

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Beginners will get along well with the Samsung ES20 – operation is easy thanks to the clearly structured menu. The image quality is also okay – you can’t ask for more in this price range. All in all a bargain for not too high demands.

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Samsung’s ES60 entry-level camera took good pictures, was properly equipped and was user-friendly to use. All this is available at a low price – novice photographers can’t expect more.

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The Samsung PL51 produced little image noise and worked with a high dynamic range. But the uneven resolution was its major weakness. Nevertheless: For 80 euros, the camera offers an acceptable price-performance ratio.

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Sony’s entry-level camera, the DSC-S2100, is only suitable for users who do not place too high demands on a camera. The equipment only offers the essentials. However, the image quality was okay except for the too low resolution. All in all you can’t expect more for the price.

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