The Google Pixel 8 Pro needs to outdo this Android phone in order to win my back

In all of the rival Android phones available There is no brand more closely linked like Google’s Pixel phones as well as Motorola’s phones, according to me and Moto’s phones seeming much more as Pixel predecessors to me more than Google’s Nexus range.

Motorola (which Google was the owner from 2012 to 2014 produced phones that were unassuming yet useful features that were designed to ease your daily life. The company gained an impressive following once the Moto X series impressed both buyers and reviewers alike, but that ethos would shortly disappear from the market. As Google later bought Motorola away and continued to follow its own route of smartphone development and became a part of Lenovo, Motorola is still one of the top manufacturers of smartphones that offer a users’ experience that’s identical to Google’s.

Comparisons can be a source of entertainment. When you’re at the low price point of phones there’s only one side to the story that the Google Pixel A-series easily outclassing the most expensive Motorola phones in that price range. If things become a bit higher-priced However, the gap is definitely narrowing.

Think about Motorola’s newest and most powerful flagship (at time when I wrote this review) called it’s the Motorola Edge 40 Pro. As we wrote this Motorola Edge 40 Pro review I was a former Pixel enthusiast in me didn’t wish to be a fan of it, and yet, despite it, it was the closest device to an Pixel that I’ve enjoyed over a long period of time.

For a moonshot to shoot for the moon, you must build a sturdy launch pad

I’m not going to rehash the content of this review. The only thing I’ll mention is this: the Motorola Edge 40 Pro had something I quite appreciate in mobile phones as well as technology in general that is Predictability. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, in this case, it’s that it wasn’t anything to get excited over in the traditional sense. The phone delivered exactly what was stated on the tin: it delivered as promised. There was no over, under or under.

The screen? It was certainly brilliant and vibrant and always so. Fast charging? It was charged at the speed it was advertised. How long will the battery last? No complaints. Camera? 

There’s no way to tell if I’ve had this experience using the Pixel phone over the past few time. It’s always been a possibility that things could happen when you don’t think or expect them to. It could be Google’s AI intelligent algorithms that decides that an update should slow to a crawl, if you glance up at the phone’s camera preview and the final image being different in a wide range as well as the high-power Tensor chip draining your battery quicker than Dracula in the blood bank, Based on my experiences on Pixel phones the results you see are rarely what you receive.

When you read Pixel Forums and Subreddits in which complains are common, people frequently explain the failure of Google to meet its goals with a variety of methods. It doesn’t matter if it’s the relative newness of Google to the market, or its innovative chip or emphasis on software There’s always a cause to this or that matter, and it’s always. It would be wonderful to see Google could create the most reliable and solid Pixel for the first time. I’d prefer reliability to uncertain newness any day of the week.

Concerning certain newness

The problem with purchasing smartphones from major companies – Pixels of the World included the fact that you’ll miss from some most innovative hardware innovations that is coming from other smartphone makers who don’t carry the same brands (Chinese names such as Xiaomi and Oppo are two that come in your our minds). Are you looking for a phone that can charge up to 100% while you clean the teeth? In this manner. An LCD that is smooth to the point where 90Hz is a letter word? We have plenty of them on our most popular gaming phones listing.

There’s a lot of hardware technology which is largely ignored or obfuscated due to a smartphone’s overbearing software, so the moment you come across a phone with a software that you actually like as well as hardware that’s powerful It’s immediately refreshing.

Although Motorola is often regarded as an American company, it is As I said earlier it was purchased by Lenovo. It is a Chinese-American business, but could be considered more Chinese with respect to its the way of execution. That means a large portion of the hardware choices get pushed down the road.

Imagine you own a Pixel 7a Pro equipped with all the Google’s software specs however, some cutting-edge hardware, too. The wonders of Google’s AI could do using a main camera of 200MP. It’s amazing how powerful and beneficial Tensor might feel if they could use its expertise to charge a device which could intelligently determine if you needed to move from zero to 100 in a matter of 20 minutes, or when slower pace is more appropriate.

Sadly, despite every fanciful device which can be built from the realm of imagination real life has stricter rules. Google will remain Google in a cautious manner, advancing by utilizing hardware and the expertise of its software to repair any weakness and cover cracks. Pixels will always have large peaks in the corners and elsewhere. Its design may strike. Cameras can be awe-inspiring. These little AI hacks could make us laugh when a fake call is detected and then snipped and we don’t even notice. In reality, every so often, a new smartphone comes along to show us what a refined potential actually looks like. The latest example comes from Motorola. It is possible that Google will be taking note of this.

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