Twitter: New function changes the basic function

Nothing new on Twitter? Can’t be, as often as new functions, strategies, personnel changes or even resignations are announced. Shortly before Twitter boss Elon Musk commented on his resignation plans, he announced a technical change for the short message service. This could fundamentally change the core function of the app. IMTEST reveals what’s behind it.

Change fundamentally is perhaps the wrong wording, because Elon Musk wants to add a function to Twitter. In a tweet on Wednesday, the Twitter boss casually wrote in a third paragraph that voice and video calls will soon be possible via the app. The big benefit, according to Musk, would be that you could get in touch with anyone in the world without having to give out their phone number.

This project is a little reminiscent of the Chinese app WeChat. The app originally used for chatting has now been expanded to include the WeChat Pay payment service. In between, it was suggested that Musk would pursue similar plans with Twitter, especially since he was instrumental in the success of the payment service provider PayPal as a co-founder and is still strongly associated with the brand.

Twitter: Musk announces resignation

However, the latest report follows a day later, so Elon Musk wants to cede the management of Twitter and be responsible for the products and software division as CTO in the future. The past six months, in which Musk took over the management of the company after the $44 billion deal, were characterized by short-term decisions, waves of layoffs that attracted media attention and, last but not least, a slump in the advertising business.

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