Update Makes Amazon Kindle Scribe Remarkable Competitor

Similar to the feature drops from Google, Amazon also gives its products free software updates with new functions from time to time. With the third update, the Kindle Scribe has a much-requested feature: As with the Remarkable tablets, there is now handwriting recognition for digitizing your notes. And it adds another popular Remarkable feature.

  • Amazon distributes the firmware update to version 5.16.2 for the Kindle Scribe
  • This brings, among other things, the function to convert handwritten text into text
  • The lasso function can now encircle and edit handwritten text
  • Furthermore, PDF files can now also be read in landscape mode

New features for the Kindle Scribe from Amazon

The 10.2-inch Kindle Scribe from Amazon is one of the largest and most popular e-readers on the market with its Paperwhite display, stylus and minimum 16 GB of memory. However, up until now it has had one flaw that the fan community has repeatedly criticized: it was not possible to convert the handwritten entries into digital text. The largest online retailer has successfully addressed this limitation through the release of version 5.16.2 update, which was distributed via Over the Air (OTA) method.

Starting now, the notebook export feature enables the conversion of handwritten notes into text. Disadvantage: Without sending, i.e. sharing via the “Convert to text and send quickly” option, this function is not available. The notebook is then converted and sent as a *.txt file.

New lasso function

With the lasso function there is an additional innovation for the Kindle Scribe, which we already know from the Remarkable tablets. Now, you have the ability to utilize the new lasso selection to circle the notebook, sticky notes, and PDFs wherever you can write. Additionally, you can easily resize or close the selection within a notebook, sticky note or PDF file postpone. In addition, you now have the option to cut, copy, and paste content to other notebooks, sticky notes, and PDFs. This allows for seamless transfer and manipulation of information across different platforms.

PDF now also in landscape format

Speaking of PDF: These can be consumed in portrait and landscape format after the OTA update. Moreover, there is a new feature that enables you to adjust the margins, allowing you to increase the font size as desired. This offers greater flexibility in customizing the visual appearance of your content. In addition, an individual text can be selected by marking it with your finger or stylus. In this context, it is practical to look up text-related dictionary definitions, translations and Wikipedia results.

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