USA offer free 4K Smart TV against your privacy!

The idea of bundling a free product with advertising programs is not new. It first appeared in the form of magazines and newspapers and is now found in streaming apps and services. However, one company is going a step further and gifting you a 4K smart TV if you’re willing to watch non-stop commercials in your home while being monitored with the device’s camera and microphone.

Telly introduces a program where you get a free TV in exchange for non-stop advertising.
The 4K Smart TV collects your data with the built-in camera and microphone.
You can choose not to collect data, but then you have to pay for the hardware.

Free Smart TV from Telly against privacy!

Teevee, or Telly, is a new start-up company that gives you a dual-screen TV without you having to spend a penny. The only catch with this offer is that you see tailored advertisements on the two screens while simultaneously sharing collected data with them.

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Currently, Telly promises to deliver free TVs to the first 500,000 subscribers in the US. You have to agree to the conditions, e.g. B. that you have to send the devices back to Telly if you should decide against data collection. Alternatively, according to Telly, you can pay $500 for the TV.

The TV itself has a 55-inch main screen, called the Theater section, and a second screen at the bottom. The second screen displays advertising and extended content via widgets such as scores or the weather. When not in use, the top screen is also used to display ads from partner brands, making the TV free, according to Telly boss Ilya Pozin.

The TV also supports pluggable sticks such as the Google Chromecast TV 4K. There are built-in microphones and cameras that can be used for voice control, video calling, or even motion tracking for fitness content and games. More importantly, these components are also used to collect your data like viewing and listening habits, which is probably a concern for many. Fortunately, these functions can be switched off, even if the integrated functions are then also deactivated.

Telly did not provide any further details on how they treat or manage the information collected, including the sensitive images and clips captured by the camera.

Telly’s Free TV availability

At the same time, the company hasn’t revealed if it plans to expand to other markets like Europe or the UK. In the United States, in order to participate in the program, you must register and choose what type of advertising and content you want to see. It’s also unclear how long you’ll have to give up your privacy before you stop seeing ads.

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