Vivo and Samsung compared: which is better? Guide

Vivo and Samsung are two well-recognized names in smartphone manufacturing that have achieved widespread fame. Both manufacturers provide innovative devices equipped with cutting-edge features. If you are searching for your ideal phone but can’t decide between Vivo or Samsung, this article offers an in-depth comparison that should enable an informed choice.


Vivo and Samsung smartphones have long been known for offering exceptional devices that meet a diverse array of user needs, offering phones in terms of price, specs and features that differ. Let’s delve further into each brand by exploring specific aspects.

Design and Build Quality

Vivo and Samsung smartphones boast premium designs and builds quality. Samsung devices often utilize glass and metal materials for an aesthetically pleasing finish; on the other hand, Vivo phones boast unique and stylish designs that stand out from the crowd – it all boils down to personal choice when considering these brands as both excel in this respect.

Vivo displays have earned their own admirers due to their use of AMOLED and IPS LCD technologies that deliver vibrant visuals and accurate color reproduction, respectively. Samsung stands out as an innovator with their adoption of Super AMOLED and Dynamic AMOLED technologies which feature vibrant colors, deep blacks, and exceptional contrast ratios. By contrast, Vivo uses AMOLED displays which deliver vibrant visuals as well as accurate color reproduction – you’re free to pick the type that meets your display characteristics best!

Performance and Processing Power Both Vivo and Samsung smartphones boast powerful hardware configurations to deliver smooth performance, including Qualcomm or Exynos processors and dual core CPUs for seamless multitasking and gaming experiences. Vivo phones often also include high-performing processors to achieve similar multitasking and gaming abilities; when selecting your ideal model it is crucial that benchmark scores be considered and benchmark tests compared.

Camera Capabilities

Both Vivo and Samsung smartphones are widely renowned for their camera capabilities. Samsung devices often boast top-of-the-line camera sensors for exceptional photo and video quality while Vivo devices focus heavily on innovative camera features like advanced night mode, AI enhancements and impressive selfie cameras. If photography is of particular concern to you, compare models based on their camera specifications before making your choice.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life and charging capabilities are an integral component when selecting a smartphone. Samsung devices tend to offer larger battery capacities for extended usage times as well as fast-charging technologies for rapid recharge times. Vivo phones also boast decent battery lives with some models offering fast-charging abilities; when making your decision it is wise to compare capacities as well as real user reviews in order to identify which smartphone offers greater value for you.

Samsung uses their proprietary One UI skin on top of Android to offer an advanced yet user-friendly user interface, boasting numerous customization features and providing easy customization capabilities. Vivo smartphones run Android as well, but offer their custom Funtouch OS skin instead, emphasizing simplicity for an uncluttered user interface experience. Which software experience best meets your preferences will depend upon personal design preferences as well as functionality requirements.

Vivo and Samsung smartphones both boast an assortment of additional features that may meet individual user preferences, from water resistance and dust proofing, wireless charging capabilities and expandable storage solutions to in-display fingerprint scanners and pop-up selfie cameras – so take note and prioritize those which matter most!

Pricing and Value for Money

A major deciding factor when purchasing a smartphone for many consumers is price. Vivo devices typically provide competitive prices at excellent value-for-money while well-established brand Samsung typically offer wider price ranges that include flagship devices. When making this important choice it is essential that consumers evaluate their budget first in order to select which brand provides them with features within that price point.

Customer Support and After-Sales Service It is crucial when purchasing a smartphone to consider customer support and after sales services provided by its brand. Samsung stands out as offering reliable support with timely software updates as well as an expansive service network; similarly Vivo also boasts growing service networks which may differ depending on where they’re situated in relation to Samsung – so be sure to do your research on availability/quality before making an informed choice!

Before making your purchasing decision, it can be helpful to read user reviews of specific models from Vivo and Samsung. Real-life experiences shared by other consumers provide invaluable insights into performance, camera quality, battery life and overall user satisfaction. In addition, professional reviews as well as user opinions shared via trusted technology websites or forums provide further clarity into each brand’s advantages and disadvantages.


Both Vivo and Samsung provide smartphones that feature impressive features and capabilities, but ultimately your selection depends on personal factors like requirements, preferences and budget. Consider factors like design, display technology, camera features, battery life management software experience as well as any additional features which might matter for you when making this choice. By conducting thorough research into specific models you can make an informed choice that aligns with your specific requirements.

  1. Which smartphone brand offers better camera quality: Vivo or Samsung? Both Vivo and Samsung smartphones boast excellent cameras; to find your ideal match it may be beneficial to compare specific models’ camera specifications in order to find out which suits best your photography needs.
  2. Are Vivo smartphones better battery performers than Samsung ones? Samsung often boasts larger battery capacities; however, Vivo smartphones still deliver respectable battery life. In order to make an informed decision, check each model’s battery capacities as well as real user reviews before making your choice.
  3. Is Samsung’s One UI better than Vivo Funtouch OS? Your choice between these interfaces depends entirely on personal taste; test out both options or watch video reviews to gain more of an idea about them and their user experiences.
  4. Are Vivo smartphones more budget-friendly than Samsung ones? Vivo smartphones often boast competitive pricing, making them great value. On the other hand, Samsung boasts more established brand recognition with premium flagship devices available across its price range. Evaluate your budget and prioritize features to determine what brand best meets your price requirements.
  5. Which brand offers better customer support: Vivo or Samsung? With their extensive global footprint and reliable support services that include timely software updates and an expansive service network, Samsung stands out as an unmatched option when it comes to customer care and support services. While Vivo may have similar offerings depending on where they operate; do your research prior to making a decision regarding availability and quality in order to make an informed choice.

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