What is the best smart watch for kids?

We tested 35 smartwatches and GPS watches for kids. Our test winner is the Xplora X6 Play. The smartwatch for children offers almost everything: a location option, time, many additional functions, long battery life, telephoning, emojis. Even the commissioning went smoothly here.

chaMany parents will know the queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when the kids ask for the first time: “Dad, Mum – can I go to the zoo alone with my friends tomorrow? ” In particular, during the dark season, parents may experience an uncomfortable feeling whenever they see their kids are playing outside just a bit.

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Children’s smartwatches or GPS watches promise a remedy. Because with them you can not only communicate with the slowly fledged offspring by phone or text message if necessary, the kids can also send an emergency signal in the worst case. Many models also constantly send location data, so you always have an overview of where the child is.

For this reason, we also included pure GPS trackers in this test. Of course, they have nothing to do with a smartwatch, but they can partly serve the same purpose, namely to monitor the whereabouts of the child. However, we cannot recommend any of the tested GPS trackers. Commissioning and operation were too complicated for them.

However, this also applied to a whole series of smartwatches from the first test round. In later updates, on the other hand, all test samples could be put into operation quite easily, and downloading the apps did not cause any problems either.

Xplora X6 Play

chaMany parents will know that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when the kids ask for the first time: “Dad, mum – may I tomorrow Your telephone quality and its unbeatable price-performance ratio make the Xplora X6 Play the deserved test winner. Ebay EUR 172,95

Vodafone Neo

Great Disney themed smartwatch. Amazon €169.00

Vodafone V-Kids Watch

Almost everything is right here. Even getting started was easy. Ebay EUR 49,90

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